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Ålesund, Norway.

Alesund, Norway. - Ålesund & Sunnmøre, Where mountains and fjords meet the ocean! “Ålesund could be the backdrop for a Nordic fairytale – with a modern plot twist”, according to National Geographic.”

ADR, drone footage from above.

The rugged mountains rise nearly 6,561 feet right up from the sapphire blue fjords. The town of Ålesund has a beautiful setting across several islands stretching out into the Atlantic Ocean!

This was the coldest day on the entire trip. It's so far upper Norway, at least that is how we felt on our 15 hour car ride.

Time for some warm drinks after our city walk. COLDEST day of the trip!

Still cold...

We walked and explored the town in 54 degree weather, went to the marketplace for fresh olives and cheese, enjoyed hot drinks, dinner and the city viewpoint in the evening.

Ended our night at a wonderful bar with good drinks, delicious cheesecake and some great music we added to our playlists!

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