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About Us 

Welcome! Thank you so much for visiting our Travel Blog. We are a husband and wife team who travels as often as we possibly can. We are up for new adventures around every corner, and in places and spaces all around the world. We take our camera almost everywhere we go ready to capture the next adventure so we can share it with you! We hope you will join us on our travel journey here, on Adventure Done Right (ADR), and make sure to check back often on the blog for updates, travel tips and more! 

I'm Joyce! 

Adventure Done Right is a great way for us to document our trips and travel as an online photo diary as well as a way to share the places and spaces we have been to and all the interesting tips, facts, and fun things we learned along the way. You will see our Instagram being updated most often as to where we are heading, where we are, and where we have been, so stay tuned and we hope you enjoy our Adventures as much as we do! 

3 Fun Facts About Me: 

1. Organizing is one of my most favorite things to do when not traveling! Everything has a place! 

2. I like school... like REALLY LIKE SCHOOL. I have three degrees, an Associate in Graphic Arts and Design, a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications, and a Masters degree in Organizational Management... and sometimes Sarek calls me "Master Joyce", its also the name I use on the screen when we go bowling too, haha. 

3. I'm going to try my hand at Podcasts on our site here, so please give us feedback and let me know what you think?! I think it will be really FUN! 


I'm Sarek! 
We have had wonderful trips, vacations, and adventures all over the world! You will see me in more photos than Joyce, as she is usually the one capturing our trip. However, I do enjoy taking the videos on our journeys and editing them for your viewing pleasure once we return. When planning our adventure trips out we sometimes spend months searching out the very best, cool, odd, or unique things to do in the location we are headed. (ODD as in standing in line after midnight, in the dark, with a bunch of strangers to receive the opportunity to score some delicious and secret back door donuts) We are pretty much up for almost anything, especially if food is involved. 


From ziplining through the trees, taking underwater helmet dive treks, to Bobs Hawaii Scooter Adventure UNDERWATER... yes thats right an actual scooter under the water, not to mention 4x4 driving over a shaking and plank missing wooden bridge on a Xplore Adventure in Mexico, to standing on an Glacier... AN ACTUAL Glacier ... we want to share it all so you can get inspired to get out there and see the world too! 

3 Fun Facts About Me: 

1. Techno music is my favorite type of music! I have to work on convincing Joyce to add some to our adventure videos! Or work on sneaking it in! 

2. Audio books are one of my most favorite things! 70 chapter books go by pretty quickly when you are on the road traveling as often as I am. Whats better than someone else reading the story to you? It all started at a young age when my mother read the stories to me, and did all the voices of all the charcaters. What can I say? I'm hooked! 

3. I like to Scuba dive and enjoy the water and the ocean so much. Anytime I get the opportunity to swim, dive, or get in the water I try and take it! Keep watching the site for some cool scuba photos and videos to come! 

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