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Travel Foodies.


After we book a trip one of the first things we do is look online to see where we want to eat while traveling. We search google, open table, yelp, and pinterest for suggestions. In this section of the site you will find places that we selected! From food all around the world, all the way to food trucks down the road, we hope you enjoy seeing our samplings of whats out there and help inspire you to get out, eat new foods, and try new bites.



For our trip to Charleston, our selection was Hank's Seafood Restaurant. It was well worth the trip, a great decision! The food was absolutely delicious! The service was fantastic and the martinis were marvelous. We had a very nice table near the window and it was exactly what we needed after a long day of travel and an afternoon well spent in Historic Charleston, in the hot humidity! 

Travel Foodies, our recommendation! Two thumbs up! We would definately return! 

Visit: June 2016

City/State: Charleston, SC

Restaurant: Hank's Seafood Restaurant

Location: 10 Hayne Street

(Located at the corner of Hayne and Church streets, near the Charleston City Market)



Fried Green Tomatoes  

Our Entrees: 


SEARED BEEF TENDERLOIN with Fried Green Tomatoes, Fried Mashed Potatoes, Au Poivre  












































TRAVEL FOODIES, GREECE! (Santorini, Rhodes, and Athens!)

















Santorini, Greece. Room Service and a movie night! Eating In! 














Rhodes, Greece.

Greek, Chicken, Gyros,


Rooftop Restaurant in Lindos. 









































Athens, Greece 

                                                    EUROPE, GREECE 

                                           Hotel Grande Bretagne
                                           GB Roof Garden Restaurant. 


                                           Location: Athens, Greece


                                           Travel Foodies, our recommendation! Two thumbs up! Very Elegant. Excellent Service.                                                                   High Level, Mediterranean Cuisine. 


                                           Appetizer: Soup. 


                                           Our Entrees: 

                                                    Lamb Cutlets, Stuffed Potato, Parsley Sauce And Smoked Florinis Peppe

                                                    From the Grill: Beef Tenderloin


Location: Athens, Greece

Travel Foodies, our recommendation! 

Food was good. Service was quick. We found a table for two with a view! What a nice treat when taking a break from authentic greek cuisine! Fantastic street tacos! Note: We search out Mexican tacos / burritos almost anywhere we travel, its one of our favorites!  

Restuarant: Taqueria Maya








LUNCH STOP, Athens, Greece

Travel Foodies, our recommendation! Located not far from the Acropolis Museum, Athens

Great lunch time sandwich! Nice cafe, quick order and food to go! 


Stay tuned for more Travel Foodies, by Adventure Done Right!

When we travel and what we eat will appear here!

NEXT UP ON THE PLATE... You will just have to wait and see!

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