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5 Tips: For a National Parks Adventure!

1. Water Bottle: Bring plenty of water when walking, hiking, or biking in the National Parks. At least one water bottle: One quart/liter is the minimum recommended. A camelback, nalgene water bottle, or similar hydration systems work well. This is important as you want to stay hydrated throughout your trip. You may discover walking and hiking trails you want to travel off on, or wander through, so be prepared with enough water for your adventure.

2. Sleeping Bag / Accommodations: Plan in advance to see if your National Park has access to campgrounds, if you need to reserve ahead of time, or if they operate on a first come, first serve basis. Camp ground opening and closing operational times can vary by season. Make sure you bring the right equipment for your accommodations and your trip. Make a 'To-Bring List' and check it off as you pack each item with you for your trip, that way its easy to ensure you will have what you need for staying in the national parks.

3. Light: One of the essentials that you should always have on a backpacking trip or while camping in the National Parks is a quality flashlight or lantern for your campsite. If its a flashlight, make sure and bring extra batteries! You never know when you are going to need more light, its better to be prepared.

4. Map / GPS: Maps, trail guides, and diving directions for inside the park, for hiking, walking, or biking and local maps for outside the park. Maps are usually available at the ranger station. Road guides, itinerary points and trail maps are handy to have as well.

5. Clothing: Bring proper clothing! Check the weather ahead of time. Remember elevation, and dress in layers. Both waterproof and windproof outer layer, lightweight, and breathable if possible. Both jacket and pants are recommended as well as two hats, a brimmed one for sun protection and possibly for rain and an insulating one for cool weather. You want to be comfortable, and well prepared as the weather can change quickly throughout the National Parks.

These quick and easy 5 tips have helped us prepare for our national parks trips. Do you have tips you want to share with us?! Use our contact page and drop us a line.

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