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Coastal Maine Kayak Rentals

While on our week long vacation in Maine we decided to rent a Kayak at Coastal Maine Kayak Rentals in Kennebunk and go out into the water, the Kennebunk River for a bit. The rental process was super easy! We actually called ahead to make the reservation for a kayak for two. One draw back is the parking area is really small and all the lots in the area were full so we had to walk about 1.2 miles to the kayak rental shop and back to the car way downtown. Once we arrived we signed our waivers, and rented for a couple hours. We also decided to rent a water proof safe box to keep our credit cards and car keys safe.

We had a great weather day for this! It wasn't too hot, or too sunny. It was a pretty easy row out... but it was a lot tougher coming back in! " A LOT TOUGHER" What a workout. We did about 3.5 miles approx. count and decided that it was "arm day", or an aggressive arm day, but was worth the adventure. And of course we treated our self to ice cream as our reward when we got back to York, haha. We hope you enjoy our pictures and stay tuned for our Kayak video coming up soon, it will be pretty sweet!

Just an FYI... (THIS WAS ONE SCOOP) hahaha.

Rental Spot: Coastal Maine Kayak

Address: 8 Western Ave, Kennebunk ME

Phone: (207) 967-6065

Rental Price: Half Day (3 hours) Tandem – $60 +$5 box rental


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