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Union Station Hotel, Nashville TN.

For our 72 hours in Nashville we decided to stay at the Historic Union Station Hotel in Nashville, TN. Located on Broadway, in downtown Music City Union Station you get to step into a piece of history. In every grand Southern city, there are storied landmarks that played host to the development of each city’s rich character and history. In downtown Nashville, that glittering jewel is Union Station, a Nashville boutique hotel situated inside a beautifully-restored 19th-century railroad station.

Closing its doors to commuters in the 1970s, the building still retains the grandeur of a pre-war city train station – case in point: the three spectacular crystal chandeliers hanging from the soaring lobby. The station reached peak usage during World War II when it was the shipping-out point for tens of thousand of U.S. troops and the site of a USO canteen. It started a long decline shortly thereafter as passenger rail service in the U.S. generally went into decline.

The first night we arrived live music/musicians were already playing away in the modern designed and comfortable lobby area. With large seating areas, plush couches, velvet side furniture pieces it was just what we expected. Custom chandeliers injected a sense of glamour and drama to the grand lobby’s monumental space.

Fit with a soaring 65-foot barrel-vaulted ceiling and 100-year-old Tiffany styled stained-glass, the lobby/ atrium takes cues from the elegant past of rail travel, while newly transformed accommodations and a new bar and restaurant concept cater to today’s discerning guest.

Originally constructed as a central railway station in 1900, this meticulously repurposed architectural gem maintains the unparalleled charm of the Victorian era while seamlessly incorporating modern technology and amenities. Rooms are designed to anticipate travelers’ needs, from the expansive and luxurious layouts.

We were staying on the 5th floor, which was up top, almost like balcony level, where you can look across to the chandeliers, to the top of the glass roof ceilings and down towards the lobby. Lots of grand large doors, custom carved wood and walnut featured walls, you felt like you were in the luxury of the past.

Our room featured 20 foot tall ceilings! along with large windows and a sitting + work area. Union Station Hotel rooms feature accent walls, cowhide headboards, custom iron and wire chandeliers, leather accents and contemporary amenities, an evening at Union Station evokes a sense of adventure and approachable luxury. Dimming lights, electronic buttons for opening the shears/curtains, a flat screen TV and a comfortable work space to set up the laptop.

Also being an Elite rewards member we were able to have complimentary, delicious breakfast each morning. The staff was very kind, and super friendly, they remembered us by name even on day three when addressing us as we were walking through the hotel. There was a lot of southern charm and friendliness at this property. What more could we ask for?!

Would we return?! Yes, of course. This is our new "GO TO" hotel when in Nashville. We recommend you check it out on your next trip to town!

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