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Antelope Canyon, Adventure Done Right!

Adventure: Antelope Canyon (Upper Canyon) Location: Page, AZ

Tour: Chief Tsosie, Antelope Slot Canyon Tours

Pricing: $50.00 per person + $16.00 Navajo Permit Fee

We booked our tour about a month before we made the trip to Page, AZ. This time of year tours were going three times a day. We selected the 10:30am tour. Having been in Las Vegas as home base for the week, we made the trek to Antelope Canyon from Las Vegas, NV. It was about 4.5 hours on the road there and back. We left at 4:15am in Las Vegas to make it to Page, AZ for 10:30am check in time for the tour. Before you make this trip, note the time zone/time change so you arrive promptly for your booked tour.

Notes: This tour is for Upper, Antelope Canyon, Page, AZ.

No Backpacks are allowed on this tour because the canyon pathways are so narrow. We prepared ahead of time with a shoulder bag for this adventure to bring the Go Pro, a Camera, Hat, Gloves, and bottled water.

• We went on our tour at the end of November, temperatures ranged from 35-50 degrees. Dress/Pack appropriately.

• We did the 10:00am check in for 10:30 tour, and were dropped back off a little after 12noon.

• **NOTE: this is a VERY FAST PACED TOUR. You are rushed through very quickly. We only had about 40 minutes total allowed in the canyon for walking all the way through and walking back out. Photos were allowed walking through but not on the way back. So make sure you capture everything on your walk through in. Our 10:30 tour was packed. There were about 6 truck loads of people, almost 10 per truck, along with other tours that were already at the canyon and still arriving. It's single file, walking through, one right behind the other.

• Was it worth it?! Yes! This was on a adventure bucket list for us, so totally worth it. We just wish we had more time to explore the canyon. While it was tight and packed with people I can only imagine the kind of crowds this draws during the warmer months. All in all we selected a good time of year that worked for us to tour the canyon. As you can see from all the photos above, it was beautiful! Really something to see! Add it to your next Arizona Adventure! We are sure glad that we did.

• Check out our YouTube Video for Antelope Canyon, it's short but gives you an idea of our adventure in motion! - By, Adventure Done Right.

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