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Norway Road Trip... on the road again!

Well we are heading out of town! What a week exploring Norway by plane, train, cruise boat, from a-top a glacier and by automobile! We are heading back on our 15 hour car ride (YES THATS RIGHT) Google Maps didn't calculate the 10 FERRY RIDES we would need to take up until 12midnight to finally reach the airport back in Bergen, what a LONGGGGGG.... day! We stopped along our trip from some of the photos from the countryside. We hope you enjoy!

Norway Countryside

Our last drone launch on our last day in Norway.

Grass covered roofs!

See ya later Norway!

Have questions about our Norway Trip??? Facebook, Instagram, or email us and we will get back to you soon! Most importantly, if you want to go here... WE RECOMMEND IT! Norway was amazing! What a week!

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