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The Best Burger In Edinburgh Scotland - Byron's Proper Hamburger

We try one of the best, if not the best burger in Edinburgh, Scotland and arguably the UK! From their signature BBQ sauce to RUM spiced milkshakes, Byron takes "the proper hamburger" to another level.If you're an American missing home or a foodie / burger connoisseur, Byron's Burgers should be on your list when doing a food crawl across Scotland. While in Edinburgh we ate at 1) The Witchery 2) The Raeburn (Breakfast & Dinner), 3) Byron's Burgers 4) Pizza Express 5) Brew Dog Edinburgh and we liked Byron's THE BEST... enough to feature it on video!

Byron's tagline is "The best proper hamburger" and we think they're right!!! We read some reviews before stepping into Byron's and those reviews were right in line with our review, so thank you trip advisor reviews! It really is the closest to a U.S. Burger that we found while in Scotland! The atmosphere is cool, the staff is super friendly and the food was D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S...!!!

Try it and let us know in the comments on our YouTube channel what you think. And remember, it's a big world out there... SO NEVER STOP ADVENTURING!

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