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Museum of Ice Cream - MIAMI

Ideas are transformed into real life experience! Recently Sarek and I had the opportunity to travel to Miami, FL for a very short trip! When looking for things to do the American Express pop-up Museum of Ice Cream experience came to the top of the list!

The staff was very welcoming and played an interactive roll throughout the museum experience. First up, we had to think of and then announce our Ice Cream names. I was Cool Strawberry Shaker, and Sarek was Mint Choco-Man. In the lobby we spent some time reading the displayed Ice Cream FAQs and next moved toward the Sprinkle Pool. So many plastic sprinkles!

Up for a sprinkle swim anyone?!

We continued through the museum to the Bunns Shake, where we enjoyed two mini milkshakes and sitting at the bar top next to table top jukeboxes. The museum layout and design is so cool, and so PINK!


Then to the courtyard to check out the large balloon display above, and up to the next 4 floors of the museum! We had to learn a ice cream dance and were given the opportunity on the next level to see spinning ice cream cones.

On to the next floor... we got to experience a bright pink safari forest and crawl into a crazy small room of ice cream bowls on all sides, that were reflecting like a mirror on the ceiling. This floor level also featured a swing, and more ice cream samples!

Strawberry, chocolate banana, YUM! and more taste testing... they sure know what they are doing!

YUP... Melted Ice Cream taste exactly what it sounds like! These little cartons of ice cream milk reminded me of the milk jugs they used to hand out in elementary school. What a cool concept to have a floor level dedicated to melted ice cream! YUM!

The top floor offered Key Lime flavored Ice Cream cones, yes please?! With a plastic popsicle backdrop, bring it on! The roof top had shuffle board games, a popsicle display, some hip music playing and a great view of the ocean... Miami Beach is right across the street!

From taste testing on every level, to swimming in sprinkles this museum did not disappoint. From building candy stacks, seeing sand castles of ice cream trucks and castles, to mini milkshakes, melted ice cream treats and roof top games they really did think of everything at the Museum of Ice Cream, Miami. We highly recommend you take advantage while it's still in town!

We spent about 1 hour and 10 min here and sure enjoyed acting like a kid again.

We hope you enjoyed our photo tour + ice cream facts and fun.

Location: 3400 COLLINS AVEFaena District Miami Beach, FL

Tickets: Tickets (All Ages) $38. Must be purchased ahead of time, no live ticket sales at the door.

Do I get ice cream with my ticket purchase?! - Yes! Multiple delicious treats are included with admission.

Instagram @museumoficecream

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