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Norway - Fjord Cruise: Bergen-Mostraumen

When planning our trip to Norway we wanted to make sure and take at least one Fjord Cruise. So we decided on the route Bergen - Mostraumen to enjoy the spectacular fjord scenery. We departed from the Zachariasbryggen wharf in Bergen.

NOTE: [Bergen was our second stop on the trip after taking a short flight over from Oslo, Norway. We really liked Oslo (make sure to check out that blog post!]

A three hour tour, took us up the 27-kilometer long Osterfjord. Underway, the fjord narrows between steep mountains, through the powerful currents of the shallow and narrow Mostraumen strait.

Connects to a very small town.

Beautiful houses on the river way.

Having a great time on the boat!

They sailed the boat / bow right up to a waterfall to catch a bucket of ice-cold mountain water before turning back and returning to Bergen through the magnificent landscape.

We would absolutely recommend taking a Fjord cruise while visiting Norway. Being out on the beautiful open water was one of the highlights of our trip.

Here you can find the exact tour we booked:

Tips for your trip:

1) Dress warm, no matter what time of year you visit. It gets windy. Wear a warm coat and hat that won't just blow off with the wind.

2) Bring a camera, or video recording device to capture the beautiful scenery around you!

3) We did a lot of research before we left and decided to book our tour and get our tickets online ahead of time, we recommend you book early. We are glad we did as our boat was a completely full and booked tour.

4) If you are taking this particular cruise, save some time to explore Bergen, it's a great town!

Exploring the city center of Bergen.

Fish market in Bergen.

Lunch at Olivia, in Bergen after our boat cruise.

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