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Nigardsbreen Glacier Climb, Norway.

Norway is an incredible place to explore! One of our BEST Adventure activities while in Norway was to hike Nigardsbreen Glacier, for sure! Time to climb a glacier! Sometimes you need a reminder of the vast forces of nature that there are some things, that cannot be tamed. Glacier hiking makes for one of those moments.

Fitbit says...16,743 steps taken while on our 5 hour glacier climb excursion. Approx 6.5 miles round trip and 111 floors (up hill). (Leg day!) we booked a private tour and guide, and Christine was just awesome! We learned so much about the country of Norway and the glacier! Jostedalsbreen, situated in Sogn og Fjordane county in Fjord Norway, Jostedalsbreen is the largest glacier in continental Europe, covering 188 square miles with ice up to 1,968 feet thick.

See the hikers in the colored jackets? That should help give an idea for scale and size!

The glacier split up into more than 50 glacier branches, such as the famous Briksdalsbreen and Nigardsbreen glaciers. The glacier is a part of the Jostedalsbreen national park and covers more than half of the park. Glaciers consist of layers of snow that over a long time are compressed into ice. The ice masses make many glaciers move like very slow rivers.

Glaciers represent about 10 percent of the earth’s land area and are considered remains of the latest ice age. The ice masses can become several hundred years old. In Norway, as in the rest of the world, temperatures are rising due to global warming, and the glaciers are slowly melting. The total area covered by glaciers has decreased by 11 percent in the last 30 years according to the Center for International Climate Research. 137 square miles have disappeared since the mid-80s.

Drone Photography from above!

The ice is retreating most rapidly in the northern parts of the country.

We would absolutely recommend booking this tour, doing a private tour (request Christine!!) and we give this adventure two thumbs up for sure. Best adventure activity we did while in Norway!

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