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Great CHEESE does not exist without great cheesemongers!

I.J Mellis Cheesemonger, Mellis Cheese - Purveyors of fine farmhouse and artisan cheeses, our favorite shop we discovered while staying in Stockbridge, Edinburgh, Scotland. We visited this store and purchased high quality farmhouse cheeses on two different occasions, at the start and the end of our trip. The start of the trip we were in Stockbridge and picked up cheese, baguettes, and a Scottish Egg. We made mini sandwiches for lunch before our journey towards the highlands. On the way back into town before flying out we stopped in the Edinburgh store where they were able to vacuum pack some different cheeses for us to bring home with us! Their retail cheese store is really something to see, and their cheese is really something to taste... we highly recommend it!

Some of the cheeses we purchased and enjoyed:

Crottin Chavignol Fermier:

This Crottin is from one of the few fermier or farmhouse producers within the AOC boundaries, strong and firm with a full nutty flavour. (Goat, unpasteurised)


Delicate goats cheese with a salty tang. Raw goats' milk, salt & vegetarian rennet.

Note: This one was Sarek's favorite!


Ragstone has a tremendous range of textures and the taste is light with hints of lemon and honey. Raw goats' milk, salt & animal rennet.

Mellis Cheesemongers have now been trading for over 20 years, bringing together producers and consumers for mutual benefit. We are so glad we found these two I.J Mellis shops on our journey through Scotland and we able to enjoy delicious cheeses and make our mini sandwiches and make some memories!

We recommend you for sure stop by these locations on your next trip to Scotland:

Edinburgh 6 Bakers Place (Stockbridge) EH3 6SY 0131 225 6566

Edinburgh 30a Victoria St EH1 2JW 0131 226 6215

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