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Alexa Automated Blinds "Alexa Open The Blinds"

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

"Alexa, open the blinds" is something until recently only available in dreams. Thanks to Tilt, Alexa automated smart blinds, aren't just a reality.... they're affordable. With over 60 patents Tilt offers automatic smart blinds that work with Alexa and Google as well as an app for your phone. Ok... so they've got cool tech - but, "What about the installation?" No worries. I was surprised and amazed to find that you don't even need a screwdriver or tools to install the blinds! Smart blinds by Tilt affix to the window frame by a specially engineered patented design that expands the blind to fit your window exactly. Sound too good to be true? Well... I thought so until I tried them myself. Check out my installation and review video below along with the link directly to Tilt's website for more feedback.

Us the link here https://bit.ly/3dATQk1 and check out our video below to see if we have any active sales or promotions available on Tilt's website.

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