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Alexa Automated Blinds "Alexa Open The Blinds"

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

"Alexa, open the blinds" is something until recently only available in dreams. Thanks to Tilt, Alexa automated smart blinds, aren't just a reality.... they're affordable. With over 60 patents Tilt offers automatic smart blinds that work with Alexa and Google as well as an app for your phone. Ok... so they've got cool tech - but, "What about the installation?" No worries. I was surprised and amazed to find that you don't even need a screwdriver or tools to install the blinds! Smart blinds by Tilt affix to the window frame by a specially engineered patented design that expands the blind to fit your window exactly. Sound too good to be true? Well... I thought so until I tried them myself. Check out my installation and review video below along with the link directly to Tilt's website for more feedback.

Use this link here FIRST, click this link and then click the second link to receive a discount on first-time purchases. Note that some discounts may have expired since the original upload of this video. If the link no longer provides a discount, check honey or Tilt's website for any possible promotions or sales they may have active. Cheers!and check out our video below to see if we have any active sales or promotions available on Tilt's website.

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