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Autonomous SmartDesk Coupon Code and Review

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Now more than ever people are working from home and while decorating the office with plants, hanging cat posters and other fun accessories is enjoyable, I think we can agree that finding the right desk is possibly the most stressful part of building your best at home work space. Thankfully, I came across a while back and they were a game changer!

Gone are the days of boring desks where you sit slouched like a sloth all day, developing poor posture habits and burning fewer calories than if you just stayed in bed all day. Now SmartDesk's are a thing and Autonomous has one of the best we've seen. While you could go for the expensive VeriDesk or similarly priced brands, Autonomous offers a high end sit stand desk without breaking the bank! Things every at home buyer can raise their coffee mug to.


With not one, but two separate motors, the desk raises and lowers nearly silent with smooth transitions from sitting to standing. The programable control panel allows you to set different height positions, great for couples who are using the desk to have their own settings.

Cord control is a must for those of us who tend to be more OCD focused, so Autonomous has two cord entry points for the left and right side of your desk. Additionally, a mesh like parachute channel sits right under the desk for all your cords to be easily set within reach, but out of sight and out of mind.

So what's not to like about the Autonomous SmartDesk? Honestly, I can't think of much... with easy free shipping and returns, and a five year warranty, but I could say response time. While their team is incredibly responsive, it might take a fully twenty-four hours for them to get back to me. Which I can give them a bit of a pass on, since I know the rise in home offices have caused a bit of a backlog on almost anything office related. Rest assured the questions I had were indeed answered fully and in detail.

So if you're looking to refresh your office and want a sit stand desk that fits your budget but works like a desk twice the price, then Autonomous is right for you! Plus... I've got an Autonomous promo code / coupon code to help get that number down even more.

Tag us with a photo of your desk and a comment down below with how you like your new desk. Cheers!


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