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Smart Window Blinds with Alexa and Google - Installation

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Tilt - By Smart Home: 2020's best autmoated Smart blinds

When we were moving into our new home we knew we wanted to make it as automated as possible. Already using the Alex echo dot combined with other smart apps we were on the hunt for blinds that were able to be controlled using home automation. Enter Tilt / My Smart Blinds. After doing some research online we discovered Tilt and from watching videos and reading about the product were pretty certain this is exactly what we had been looking for. 

The Tilt blinds are really simple to install, no tools needed, they went up quickly and then we moved onto customizing automation. After setting the schedule and making sure all was set in the app, and turning on the solar function they were good to go. Set up and install was a snap. 

Being both voice and app-controlled is fantastic. We have a routine schedule set when the blinds are to open and close daily. Wanting some blinds to be more flexible on the weekend being able to command Alexa to open and close as we wish is also really easy and super helpful. "Alexa, tell my smart blinds to open in the master bedroom", it's just that EASY!!

Don't forget to order the bridge, which allows you to talk to Alexa and set up multiple rooms on controls. Really easy to use plug into the wall, connect to wifi, go thru set up and you are all set. 

We have been enjoying the Tilt / My Smart Blinds for over 7 months and it has been fantastic! We are so pleased with our selection that we wanted to not only recommend Tilt we want to send you over to make your home as functional as ours. We invite you to please follow the link below so you can be on your way to smart home integration today! 

Use this link here FIRST, click this link and then click the second link to receive a discount on first-time purchases. Note that some discounts may have expired since the original upload of this video. If the link no longer provides a discount, check honey or Tilt's website for any possible promotions or sales they may have active. Cheers!and check out our video below to see if we have any active sales or promotions available on Tilt's website. Check out our video below to see if we have any active sales or promotions available on Tilt's website.

Be sure to continue on with part 2 of our automated smart blind installation here:

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