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Land Rover Experience Scotland

Looking to do something fun in the Scottish countryside? Look no further than The Land Rover Experience Scotland! Land Rover Experience Scotland was an awesome opportunity for us to be immersed in the all-terrain capability of Land Rover. We did a half-day, 4x4 off roading adventure (Watch our YouTube account as this Video is Coming Soon), and it was a lot of fun! Sarek was able to drive around on approx. 70 miles of upland forest and moorland track ideally placed to introduce us to some of Scotland's most protected wildlife and conservation areas, whilst delivering an oustanding off-road experience.

We had a very experienced guide who was able to teach us about the vehicle on this top level course, the functions, modes, driving options: ice/snow, mud rut, and more and also help us to understand and evaluate the tracks we were about to take before taking them. Located in Dunkeld, the centre is on the shores of Butterstone Loch near Perthshire, offering some of the most stunning scenery. We spotted Fallow Deer when driving which was very cool.

Sarek drove the Range Rover Sport for this excursion! It was really great and we would absolutely do this again! #landrover #rangerover #4x4 #offroading #adventuredoneright #landroverexperiencescotland #scotland #uk

Some more pictures:

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