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Neist Point, Isle of Skye.

Neist Point! Check out this place! The most westerly headland on Skye, an iconic destination, with stunning cliff scenery, and an outlook to the Outer Hebrides. At this spot you will see a walking path to guide you all around. It projects into The Minch and provides a walk and viewpoint. Neist Point (pronounced 'Neest') is renowned for its rock formations, which are closely akin to those at the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. It is said that the causeway extends under the sea from Northern Ireland to the Isle of Skye.

We arrived here in the later part of the day, early evening, and got in as many photos and video as we could before the sun started to go down. We had a long day driving through the Highlands on our way to Isle of Skye, and an even longer drive to get here, but knew we wanted to get here before the sun went down! And boy was it worth it! Stunning Views!


1) The day we were here there was a lot of wind, and it was very cold out. Bring layers for your journey throughout Isle of Skye. It was cool and windy, especially up top on Neist Point. It was jacket, hat and glove kind of weather. If you plan to spend a decent amount of time here dress properly! We read about this ahead of time, and were glad listened and packed accordingly!

2) Parking: there is an upper lot on the right when you are almost at Neist point, keep driving and then bear to the left (we did and score there is a closer parking lot to top of it!) Parking is limited in this lot but try it because if you get a closer spot it will save you a walk as you will have enough walking to do once you start to explore!

3) Following the GPS it took us on a one lane road, for most of our journey here. Take your time, and keep an eye out for the pull offs to let traffic from the other side go by, or to let cars behind you pass. (PS - it takes twice as long to get everywhere in Scotland not because the GPS is incorrect, but because you keep wanting to stop to take photos, and take in ALL of the stunning scenery along the way, oh! and because the sheep share the road with you!)

Please enjoy our photos highlighting the view from the top!

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